The Inter-Drain Trenchless machines are renowned for their reliability and economy.

The TL – Series concept is based on a free floating double linkage system, which ensures the best grading capabilities and the transfer of reaction forces resulting in increased pulling capacity. Models are available from 300 Hp to 550 Hp with tractive effors over 50 tons. It’s rugged, but clean design has proved its worth in hard and rocky conditions.

Special attention is paid to achieve accurate grade control in all conditions and automatic grade control can easily be installed. High accurate installation speed is possible. Inter-Drain plows ensure the lowest drainage or cable installation possible per meter.

Each plow is equipped with standard features like:

  • Independent track drive for infinite speed control, maneuverability and maximum output
  • Long and wide oscillating tracks with tilt control to provide maximum ground contact for increased pulling power
  • Free floating double linkage system to prevent “nose down” in hard conditions and ensures maximum accuracy
  • The linkage system is mounted to a center column in the middle of the machine to ensure easy steering
  • The engine and transmission of ample capacity are matched in such a manner that ideal power to weight ratio is created with maximum reliability
  • The linkage system is suitable for an I-Shape and V-Shape plow
  • The low angle plow design results in a low drawbar pull with minimal smearing and maximum shatter
  • Operators enjoy a deluxe cabin including air conditioning