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Mechanical Series

Mechanical Trencher model 2028
Mechanical Trencher model 2028

Inter-Drain trenchers are feature loaded and built for tough drainage and utility projects. All Inter-drain trenchers are designed for quality trenching. With independent track drive, oscillating undercarriage, automatic tilt control for side hill trenching, excellent balance and a low ground pressure these trenchers are highly maneuverable in the most extreme conditions. Special attention is paid to achieve accurate grade control in all conditions; automatic grade control can easily be installed.

Mechanical Trencher model 3035
Mechanical Trencher model 3035

These high production are solidly build, require a minimum of maintenance, and easy to service to provide years of economical performance. Convenient controls and instrumentation, excellent visibility, cabin with air-conditioning provide operator comfort.

  • Inter-Drain mechanical trenchers are designed with heavy drivelines to assure long life with minimum downtime.
  • Inter-Drain hydraulic trenchers are designed with flexible drivelines of ample capacity. These flexible drivelines enable various digging angles and side-shift capabilities.
  • Special features like side-shift, side conveyor, front conveyors and customized pipeboxes will enable today's contractor to do any job.